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Exploring Oregon

After jetsetting back to the USA, I spent the past few weeks exploring the different areas of Oregon. One of my (many) favorite things about this state is how many different climates there are, from deserts to old-growth forests to coastal cliffs.

We started in the Painted Hills of eastern Oregon.

In the other side of the state is the sea. In Oregon, there’s no such thing as a “beach.” If you say you’re “going to the beach,” native Oregonians will give you a look. Instead, you “go to the coast” — a big difference. The beach is a sandy, sunny spot for relaxation. The coast is rocky, craggy, and usually overcast.

One rare day when the sun came through.

Near the Tillamook area is the Octopus Tree. Over 200 years old, this spruce has individual limbs rather than a central trunk — thus the distinctive look and name.

While in the area, I did some camping in the Tillamook forest. A quiet sunset…

…and misty dawn.

The trip ended in the northern most tip of Oregon, at Fort Stevens State Park near Astoria.

After driving through Oregon for a few days, I was off again to California. I’m back in the San Francisco Bay Area now, and I’ll be working here for six months at a local nonprofit. My studies in Germany are going on hold until 2018, while I build up some practical experience in the heritage field!

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